13cbm Asphalt Distributor
  • 13cbm asphalt distributor
  • 13000L asphalt distributor
  • 13m3 asphalt distributor

Warranty : 12 months
Port : Shanghai, Qingdao
Place of Origin : Henan


The automatic asphalt distributor is researched and developed by Handa through years of construction and equipment design experience based on the present road conditions. It is one of the series of asphalt distributing machinery which is easy-operated, economical and practical. It is professional construction equipment specialized in spraying emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt, hot modified asphalt and various binder. On the basis of introduced advanced technologies both domestic and abroad, this distributor add some humanized designs that ensure technical content of construction quality and improve construction conditions and environment. Heat oil pipe is equipped in asphalt pipelines. Heat oil internal heating method guarantees liquid running smooth and prevents asphalt from coke burning. In the process of manual spray, the rotation indicator reads asphalt pump rotation speed. The operator could calculate the corresponding vehicle speed and asphalt rotation speed to different spray volume according to our specified formula, so as to guarantee uniform spray volume. In the process of automatic spray, the operator just set spray volume in the console and start velocity meter, and then the automatic control system could regulate asphalt pump rotation speed according to the vehicle speed, so as to guarantee precise and even spray. Its reasonable designs guarantee the asphalt spray uniformity. This product gets through the strict detection of our operators and enjoys stable and reliable construction performance, and is known as ideal economical road maintenance equipment. It could be used to deal with upper and lower seal layer, prime layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on. It also could be used to transport liquid asphalt and other heavy oil.

Working principle

The operating principle of asphalt distributor is to pump the hot asphalt from asphalt storage pool into asphalt tank through asphalt pump; Transport it to construction site and heats the asphalt up to working temperature by heating system; Open asphalt pump and spraying valve by operating electrical apparatus control system; According to three overlapping spraying effect to spray the hot asphalt on pavement on the basis of measured distributing amount and pressure. The residual asphalt in pipeline will be transported into asphalt tank after finishing the work.



asphalt distributor working princinple





Product Details Show


asphalt doistributor detail show            asphalt doistributor manufacturer



product detail.            asphalt doistributor product detail



Product Name Automatic Asphalt Distributor
Product Model HGY5256GLQ
Chassis Trademarks SHANQI
Chassis Name M3000
Engine Model D10.27-40
Engine Power 228kw/310hp
Emission standard EURO V
Wheelbase 4600mm
Total weight 25000kg
Vehicle power Engine PTO
Asphalt tank olume 13000L
Spray width 6000mm
Spray olume 0.2-3kg/m2
Spray precision 1%
Spray media modified asphalt, hot asphalt, emulsified
Asphalt heating mode Imported diesel oil
Asphalt heating speed 12℃/h
Oerall dimensions 10740*2496*3820mm


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