How to Safely Operate Concrete Batching Plant

January 16th, 2018 concrete batching plant,batching plant operation,operation tips

To master how to safely operate the concrete batching plant not only can prevent accidents, but also extend its service life. Here are many tips for your reference:

First, the power should be in accordance with the manual.

Second, the operator must be responsible and skilled. He should be calm, noble and quick responsive while operating the batching plant. No drink.

The main parts of concrete plant include concrete mixer, belt conveyor, and inclined belt. People should be a certain distance away from the equipment while they are running to prevent accidents.

Operator and outside observer should maintain a safe distance to monitor its working performance.

Keep in mind that no production is not allowed under special weather like lighting and thunder, and make sure the power and system are shut off.

Do not start the concrete mixer and belt with loads.

The data should be regularly saved to a third storage memory.

The scale should be readjusted after changing the sensor.

People are prohibited to stand under the discharging gate.

Hands or objects should be far away from the rotary part to avoid accidents.