Warmly Welcome Iranian Customers to Visit Our Factory

December 29th, 2018 Warmly Welcome Iranian Customers to Visit Our Factory

On December 28th, 2018, our Iranian customers visit our factory. Our customer is a professional supplier of emulsion bitumen and modified bitumen. Their products are exported to many countries.  They are very interested in our asphalt emulsion plant, road marking machine, synchronous chip sealer, road maintenance equipment, etc.

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Asphalt emulsion plant of our company is the new type of asphalt emulsion equipment developed by our company. Emulsified asphalt of wide range of asphalt content and stable property produced by this equipment can meet various requirements of different construction technologies, which is applied into the express highway constructions and road maintenance projects. 

1, The cooling water for production is pumped by immersible pump into the water tank;

2, The heated water is pumped into the emulsion tank A or B by water pump; at the same time of filling water, the emulsifier is filled into the emulsion tank;

3, After evenly stirring, the proportioned emulsion in emulsion tank A or B is drained out by the emulsion pump, goes through the metering device at a certain flow rate then into the colloid mill;

4, The asphalt pump is driven by the convertor motor to pump hot asphalt from the asphalt tank to the emulsifier, at the same time some emulsion going into emulsifier for emulsification in the emulsifier;

5, Sampling and inspecting the asphalt content and fineness, adjust the ration of asphalt and emulsion so as to produce qualified emulsified asphalt;

6, The finished emulsified asphalt goes out of the colloid mill and through the heat exchanger for cooling, then into the storage tank; while the cooling water is heated for another course of production.

Structural Characteristics

1, This equipment is settled on a foundation which is convenient for moving to another constructions site and working in the field. 

2, High efficiency heat exchanger is equipped to cool the finished emulsified asphalt to improve the stability of emulsified asphalt storage; then to heat the cooling water for producing emulsified asphalt, which saves clear water heating expense to reduce production cost and make the process environment friendly and energy saving.

3, Two emulsion tanks provide and drain off water in turn for continuous production. Compressed air drives fluid flow which is governed by pneumatic valve. This design saves human labor and reduces labor intensity.

4, The key part of this plant emulsor (i.e. colloid mill) is independently developed by our company. Its special structure of pilot rotors clearance is likely to keep tiny fixed clearance. It is made of special stainless steel with properties of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Its emulsion fineness is less than 5μm.

5, Frequency governing motor is used to control the rotation speed of asphalt pump. Emulsion flow rate is regulated by valve (displayed by the flow meter). By the above means, asphalt content in emulsified asphalt (ratio of asphalt to water) can be accurately and stably controlled. 

6, Thermal oil heating system is equipped to warm all the pumps before production, which is easy and convenient to replace baking with blowtorch.

7, Thermal oil heating system and water heating system realized automatic temperature controlling.

8, All the parts contacting the emulsion are made of qualified stainless steel with good anti-corrosion property to suit for production process of various kinds of emulsified asphalt.

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Our technical and salesman showed the customer around the factory and explained many technical and parameter problems in detail.

We will make adjustments to the equipment and customize products for customers according to their requirements and make quotation for customers as soon as possible.

We are an expert of road maintenance and construction solution provider since its inception in 2004. As the requirements in highway maintenance market rise, We are well-positioned to deliver premium equipment against the increasingly challenges. We are now providing a complete range of machinery for pavement resurfacing, highway construction, asphalt distribution, and bitumen production.


We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers and achieve win-win results.