Stationary Batch Plants Learning Materials

December 5th, 2018

The batch plant is ideal for metropolitan areas requiring a large number of different mixes. Instead of a continuous mixer, these facilities use a batch tower. Bins in the top section of the tower hold dried aggregate in various sizes. Depending upon the mix needed, the bins automatically dispense the correct amount of the required aggregate. The dry material is routed to a pug mill mixer located at the bottom of the tower. Here the liquid asphalt is added. After thorough mixing, the bottom of the mixer opens and the batch is dispensed into a truck or conveyed to a storage silo.

Depending on the model Handa batch plants produce 45 to 240 tons  per hour.  The larger Super tower includes extra-large aggregate bins.

A uniquely designed batch plant is offered in the full range of batch plant sizes with varying volumes of hot bin storage. With this design, recycled material is blended with the superheated, virgin aggregate in the bucket elevator and is conveyed to the top of the tower. This allows the operator the versatility to process recycle percentages from 0% to 40% and switch from recycle mixes to virgin mixes without emptying the hot bins.