Brief Introduction of Bitumen Decanter

November 7th, 2018 Bitumen Decanter,bitumen melting plant,asphalt melting plant

There are two parts in unit, upper part is calling Heating Chamber and lower part is storage tank for melt bitumen. Heating chamber and storage tank is fully insulated with 75mm Rockwool.

Use of hot oil heating coils to indirectly heat up asphalt which can prevent asphalt quality from aging during heating. Seamless tubes are used for heating unit which are 2.9 mm thick and tested at 2000 psi.

Bitumen drum melter is composed of bitumen melting tank, lifting device, tipping device, diesel burner, built-in combustion chamber, hydraulic propelling system, flue heating system, heat transfer oil heating system, bitumen pump and pipeline, Automatic temperature control system, liquid level warning system and electric control system, etc.

bitumen melting plant1

Bitumen drum melters lifting device adopt suspension structure, which lift the bitumen barrel with electric hoist and load it onto the tipping device. The tipping device then turn over the bitumen barrel bottom up on the rails pallet, and the hydraulic propelling system will push it into up tank. All the mentioned actions are operated on the integrated electric controller.

Bitumen drum melters melting tank looks like a container, its chamber is consist of upper half and bottom half. The upper half is applied to heat up bitumen drums with hot air and heat transfer oil, and make asphalt outflow from the drums. Hydraulic propelling system push the barreled bitumen into tank via two rails, the newly entered barrel pushed empty barrel out from the other end. The bottom half is a storage tank with heat transfer oil coil for heating and storing hot bitumen. Start bitumen pump to pump the bitumen from one end to the other end when bitumen temperature arrive 110, so the bitumen can be evenly heated, filtered and dehydrated. Finally pump the bitumen into another storage thank or application machine when the bitumen reach application temperature.