Self-loading Concrete Mixer Features

April 17th, 2018 self-loading concrete mixer,mobile concrete mixer

Four wheel drive and DEUTZ 4-cylinder water-cooling diesel engine enhances its performance in different cruel working conditions and high intensity operations, and guarantees its durability and security.

Ergonomically-designed enclosed cab located in the front guarantees the driving comfort and can do 180° slewing, which is suitable for working and driving.

Specially-designed auto loading shovel can measure the material volume, equipped high tech meter can precisely control and get the quantity of raw materials so as to produce high quality concrete.

Independant water supply system, large displacement water pump driven by hydraulic motor, volumometer and filter device to guarantee the high quality concrete.

The drum mixer can rotate 270° to discharge at any direction. Loading, mixing and discharging can be completed through its rotation driven by oil pump.

The mixing circle from loading to discharging is 7-10 min which greatly improves working efficiency and saves labor.

The mobile type concrete mixer cant ravel at 20km/h and gradeability is 30% which is in accordance with SAE standard. What’s more, it is equipped with lamps for night travelling and construction.

It it suitable for highway maintenance, subway, railway and tunnel construction, urban building and hydropower plants.

Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck at Factory