How to Operate Mobile Self-loading Concrete Mixer

April 8th, 2018 self-loading concrete mixer,mobile concrete mixer

Use the shovel to load a few gravels and sands into the drum mixer.

Fill the water tanker with water, and drum mixer with required water.    

Add cement into the drum mixer. There are two ways for cement feeding, one is by hand, the other through cement bag or silo. Whatever which way, the shovel will help finish feeding.

Add gravels and sands into the drum mixer as well as other raw materials needed to make concrete.

The mobile concrete mixer will travel to the appointed place and the drum will continuously rotate the whole way to prevent the concrete from condensing. The spiral blades inside the drum mixer is used to mix the concrete mixture. Two directions increase its comfort and save working cycle and raw materials.

It is indispensable to clean the concrete mixer once work is done.