Handa Signed Exclusive Agency Aggreement with AS

October 24, 2017 exclusive agent,exclusive agency agreement,concrete batching plant for sale,batching plant in pakistan,nearby trailer pump

Congrats that Exclusive Agency Agreement was successfully made and entered into by and between Handa and AS on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to develop business on terms and conditions of mutually agreed. 

AS is a multi-disciplinary company providing one-stop solution to customer from power plant to construction machinery in Pakistan. They visited our factory for concrete machinery on 23rd October with our manager Max and were impressed by our process and quality control, believed our cooperation would be a good beginning.


AS signed exclusive agency agreement with Handa  AS signed exclusive agency agreement with Handa-2AS signed exclusive agency agreement with Handa-3


AS will present Handa to sell concrete batching plant, trailer pump, dump truck, transit mixer truck, crane tower, and asphalt mixing plant in the Pakistan.


If you'd like to cooperate with us, you can reach us via

Telephone: +86-371-65825868
Email: info@handa-machinery.com
Whatsapp: +86-18137858347