It adopts SHACMAN F3000 EuroⅤ chassis with228KW/310HP engine which has strong power for good construction performance.

1. Stainless steel frosted board out of the insulation layer is antiseptic and durable.Good insulation effect,temperature drop≤12℃/8h(in normal temperature)

2. The tank has two imported diesel burners with high efficiency ,fast heat-up speed(≥20℃/h) ,auto ignition and temperature control system, stable and safe


3. The slopping hopper realizes operation in height-limit condition,such as bridges and culverts.

4. Hydraulic system takes power from auxiliary  engine with stable performance.

5.  It adopts JOHNSON asphalt pump and heat oil pump.They are with good performance,large range of rotation,good sealability and stable flow.

6.  Aggregates and asphalt spray are controlled by individual multi-group cylinders,which can be adjusted freely.

7.  Mixing device is equipped in the asphalt tank,it can make the tank store the rubber asphalt.

8. The manual and auto individual operation systems ensure the equipment in the working status at any time.Radar and encoder are equipped

to measure the travel speed and pump speed in order to control the spray volume in the construction.Monitoring device and auto operation panel are equipped in the cab.


Heating method: the diesel is ignited to heat the burner, and the heat conducting oil is heated through the burner to form the heating of the asphalt tank and the asphalt itself. Heat conduction oil temperature control at about 280 to 350 . The burner automatically stops heating when the heat conducting oil is heated to the temperature set by the computer.

Aggregate Feeding Device: Inner Lifting Type, the bottom plate of the bin is inclined, and the weight of the stone falls when unloading.

Aggregate Distribution DeviceChute Distribution Device (0-30mm) stone material→stock bin→dividing plate. (The particle size of the aggregate is relatively large, usually used in sealing layer).


chute distribution device


Working Principle


Synchronous chip sealer is kind of special equipment used for chip sealing of road surface, bridge waterproof and lower seal coat. It realizes that asphalt binders spray and aggregates spreading perform synchronously, which makes full touch of asphalt binders and aggregates to realize their maximum cohesive performance.



                                Chip Spreader with Asphalt Binder








No Name Unit Parameters Remark
1 Tank volume L 6000
2 Hopper volume m3 10
3 Spray width mm 3800
4 Asphalt Spray volume kg/m2 0.2-3
5 Aggregates Spray volume L/ 2~22
6 Asphalt Spray precision - 1%
7 Aggregates Size mm 3~25
8 Spray Media - Hot (modified) asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsified asphalt, asphalt rubber, etc.
9 Heat-up method - Auto temperature control heat oil
10 Asphalt Heat-up speed /h 20
11 Best operation speed km/h 3~6
12 Chassis engine kW 228/310
13 Total weight kg 25000
14 Asphalt mixing speed r/min 100 Adjustable
15 Dimensions mm 10760×2500×3800 L×W×H


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