1, This equipment uses automatic control system to monitor and regulate asphalt content in emulsified asphalt automatically. Two soap tanks are equipped to mix the materials and drain water in turn for continuous production. Flow rate is governed by electrical regulating valve, which saves human labor and reduces labor intensity.

2, The key part of this plant - colloid mill is independently developed by our company. Its special structure of pilot rotors clearance is likely to keep tiny fixed clearance. It is made of special stainless steel with properties of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Its emulsion fineness is less than 5μm.

3, High efficiency plate heat exchanger is firstly equipped to cool the finished emulsified asphalt, improve the stability of emulsified asphalt storage and provide the possibility for successive and large scale construction of Micro-surfacing. The cooling water that have been heated is used for producing emulsified asphalt again, which saves clear water heating expense to reduce production cost and makes the process environment friendly and energy saving.

4, PLC system controls production; electromagnetic flow meter collects signals; frequency governing motor controls the rotation speed of asphalt pump; electrical regulating valve or gate valve governs the emulsion flow rate (displayed by both electromagnetic flow meter and scale flow meter). By the above means, asphalt content in emulsified asphalt (ratio of asphalt to water) can be accurately and stably controlled.

5, Independent and automatic thermal oil heating system is equipped to warm all the pumps before production, which is easy and convenient to replace baking with blowtorch.

6, This plant is equipped with water boiler, no need of external thermal oil heating source. Efficient and pressure-constant boiler can monitor and control the temperature instantly, quickly provide hot water for production.



Thermal Oil System

This is a closed system. Driven by thermal oil pump, the hear oil flows through electrical heating tank, asphalt pump, laminated tube, mill, and finally the thermal oil pump. In front of the thermal oil pump inlet, an expansion tank for heat oil storage and makeup places above the plant body; blow down valve and the overflow port of expansion tank locate at the bottom of the plant body.


Pneumatic Control System

This system takes power from the air compressor and turns the five pneumatic valves on and off by five solenoid valves, which is easy to make and break the water filling and discharging circuits. See the following graph:



Model HDRY10B
Max Capacitance: 60kWh
Power of Mill: 30/22kW
Rotation Speed of Mill: 2930rpm
Thermal oil Electrical Heating Power: 9kWh
Power of Burner: 2.0×105kcal/h
Heat Transfer Area: 27m2
Fineness of Emulsified Asphalt: <5μm
Productivity: 10-12t/h
Weight: 6t
Dimension: 6500×2300×2700mm (L×W×H) 



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