LTD450A Tyre Asphalt Paver

Warranty : 12months
Port : Qingdao port
Place of Origin : Zhengzhou


LTD450A series of asphalt mixture paver is the development of independent intellectual property rights of new paver of my company,which is on the basis of summing up the 30 years of paver research and development and manufacturing experience,combined with the current highway construction characteristics and the actual needs of users of China, using the modular design method.The series models are mainly used for paving asphalt mixture, with the characteristics of high reliability, high cost performance, high efficiency and high flatness and so on.

1.Selection of Yuchai high quality diesel engine as a power, high torque reserve rate, to meet the engineering machinery on the dynamic performance requirements, but also has high reliability, low vibration, low noise, more maintenance network and other advantages.

2.High speed, transition is very convenient.

3.Electronic remote control device to realize the separation of man and machine, making the manipulation more humane.

4.The transmission system is optimized design, transmission ratio is reasonable, so that road quality and efficiency of the paver work can be balanced.

5.Configuration of centralized lubrication device, the key parts can be a good maintenance, reduce the workload of operators.

6.Large internal space for easy maintenance and repair.


Model LTD450A
Basic paving width (m) 2.8
Max. paving width(m) 4.5
Paving thickness(mm) 0-120
Transportation weight (kg) 9500
Engine power rating(kw) 35
Theoretical Productivity (t / h) 200
Hopper capacity (m³) 5
Screed type options Hydraulic telescopic


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