HBC50-13-56D Truck-mounted Concrete Pump set a variety of superiority in one, the overall shape is beautiful, reasonable layout.The machine adopts the original imported valve group, and with excellent quality of the main pump and high quality of the assembly, to create the highest standards of performance and reliability.It gives customers a great visual enjoyment,but also greatly improve the convenience of use and maintenance.The product for each detail thoughtful consideration, to ensure the best quality.Equipment utilization is high, strong pumping performance,fast pumping speed,small occupation space,high pumping height,long distance,and low maintenance cost.


1. The oil pump with a constant power technology and engine matching, power matching is reasonable.It has the function of manual stepless speed regulation and thus adjust the amount of concrete delivery.

2. High integration of large flow automatic reversing device,the least energy loss, the switch between high pressure and low pressure transport only need a key, no penetration, no pollution.

3. S type reversing valve, carbide glasses plate and cutting ring, and with a rubber spring,can automatically compensate for the gap,to ensure good sealing performance.  

4. The use of large air cooling device to ensure that the host hydraulic system in a normal state, particularly suitable for shortage and cold environment.

5. The piston is made of imported materials from precision machining,with the excellent quality of hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant.

6. All operations can be achieved through close control and wired remote control, easy to operate, to ensure reliable and safe.


Model HBC50-13-56D
Chassis Wuzheng/ Anyautos
Emission standard Country IV
Wheelbase (mm) 3660
Maximum travel speed (Km/h) 60
Diesel engine (motor) power (KW) 56
  Drive mode Hydraulic drive
 Cylinder bore * Stroke (mm) Ф125×Ф80×1200
Conveying bore * Stroke (mm) Ф200×1200
High and low voltage switching Automatic switching
Fuel tank volume (L) 180
Hydraulic tank volume (L)   200
Hydraulic cooling mode Air cooling
Concrete theoretical displacement (m³/h) 50
Maximum delivery pressure (Mpa) 13
Theoretical horizontal distance (m) 450
 Theoretical vertical height (m) 130
Collapsbillity(cm) 823
Maximum aggregate size (mm) Crushed Stone: 40 / Pebble: 50
Water tank capacity (L) 180
Lubrication mode Automatic lubrication
Full length × total width × total height (mm) 7200×2100×2250
Full load mass (Kg) 6500


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