Stirring vehicle pump is also known as the vehicle type mixing pump or truck mounted concrete pump, is divided into compulsory and the drum in two types, it is set truck, power system, forced mixing pump system, conveying system in one. It is the mobile concrete mixing station, and has the characteristics of mobile, flexible, convenient, efficient, good quality of concrete etc., especially suitable for small towns and rural construction market site mixing of concrete construction, can be widely used in water, roads, bridges, tunnels, slope protection, foundation, housing and so on.,Especially for  construction inconvenience, long distance concrete pouring project.
Our company has completely independent strong R & D and production and processing capacity, the product has low overall height and driving stability is better, overall width is narrower and the better and more comprehensive advantage compared, and can provide customized services according to the needs of users.


1. Mixing and pumping of the perfect combination, to save weight and transportation space frame. 
2. high work efficiency. 
3. Save labor costs, reduce labor intensity. 
4. Combined diesel and electric power in one, consider the carrying capacity of rural power grid. 
5. Simple operation, easy to use.
6. Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, capable of delivering crushed stone concrete, stable performance, safe and reliable.

7. Long distance delivery.

8. Can be intelligently switched between the diesel and electric power.


Double open hydraulic loops (pumping hydraulic circuit is independent of distributing hydraulic circuit) with two pumps, makes the whole hydraulic system much simpler. The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly. This is convenient for judging and removing trouble.





Parameter Electric motor Diesel Engine
Theory.concrete pumping pressureMpa 8 8
Theory.concrete output   30 30
Main motor powerKW        37 62/68
delivery distance(H/V)m 300/70 300/70
Max diameter of aggregates(mm) 40 40
Concrete slump  140-230 140-230
Delivery cylinder  φ200×800 φ200×800
Drum mixertype 450 450
Hopper capacity 0.7 0.7
WeightT 6.1 6.8
Dimension(mm) 5200×2200×3350 5800×2350×3000


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