Concrete mixing pump is a new type of engineering equipment which is specially developed by our company for most of the actual needs of the country. Mixer with dual motor stirring, stirring fast and evenly, adopts the grinding wheel to rotate, the overall stability, the installation of vibration devices, blanking thoroughly. The pump adopts the double cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, the system is stable, the performance is reliable, the hydraulic parts all adopt use the well-known brand at home and abroad, the quality is reliable.It is suitable for mixing and transportation of all kinds of construction of fine stone concrete and large aggregate concrete,new rural construction, farmland water conservancy infrastructure, small high-rise construction and pier construction.


1.Body design is dexterous,the operation is simple, the movement is convenient and flexible, the performance is stable.

2.Bring their own mixing barrel for mixing, short auxiliary time to ensure that the concrete mixing pump in the harsh conditions and strive to foolproof work.

3.Mixing pump with double cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, convenient and quick, pumping speedis fast, high efficiency.  

4. A high degree of automation, can be operated by one person, equipped with remote control, easy to operate.

5.The hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability of the mixing pump.

6.The whole vehicle design sets economy, reliability, safety durability as a whole, good mobility, high utilization of equipment.


Model JBT30
Maximum theoretical displacement (m³/h) 30
Maximum theoretical delivery pressure (Mpa) 8
Maximum theoretical conveying height (m) 130
  Maximum theoretical transfer distance (m) 320
Pumping times (times/min) 17 
Dispense valve form Spipe valve
Conveyor cylinder specification (mm) Ф180*1000
Main cylinder specification (mm) Ф100*Ф70*1000
Outlet diameter (mm)   Ф150
Transmission pipe diameter (mm) Ф125
Hopper volume (L) 450
Rated voltage (V) ~380
Main motor power (Kw) 30
Vibration motor power (Kw) 0.04
Hydraulic circuit form Open circuit
Main system maximum oil pressure (Mpa) 22
Distribution system oil pressure (Mpa) 12
Mixing system maximum oil pressure (Mpa) 9
Maximum mixing speed (r/min) 24
Hydraulic tank volume (L) 120
Allow the maximum aggregate size (mm) ≤30
Concrete slump range (mm) 80200
Overall dimension(length × width × height) (mm) 4250 ×1950 ×2540
 Host weight (Kg) 4000


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