5312TFC intelligent fiber slurry paver, improved is mainly applied to treat the pavement diseases like friction resistance reduction, cracks and ruts for improving its performances of anti-slide and waterproofing, evenness and travelling comfort. This equipment can be widely used in construction of slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro surfacing and fiber micro-surfacing.

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Working Principle

5312TFC intelligent fiber slurry paver is to polymer modified asphalt emulsion, clean crushed aggregate, mineral fillers, fibers, water and necessary additives , by a certain percentage transported into a mixerformed by the rapid mixing of emulsified asphalt slurry mixture into the paver box, by spiral dosing uniformly flat paving the road.

5312TFC intelligent fiber slurry paver is a special equipment in Slurry seal construction technology ,Micro-surfacing construction technology,  Fiber Micro-surfacing construction technology. to meet the slurry seal short mixing time, forming speed, paving thickness thin, to achieve the construction of fast, low cost, wide application , saving energy etc.

Construction Technology

Slurry Seal Construction Technology

That means a slurry seal of emulsified asphalt slurry seal with the appropriate graded stone chips and sand aggregate, emulsified asphalt as binder, adding a certain percentage of filler (cement, lime, fly ash, slag, etc.) , additives and water and other materials, through mixing uniformity of slurry mixture, and uniform thickness and width of paving as required in the pavement of asphalt surface treatment thin layer. 





 Micro-Surfacing Construction Technology

 Micro-surfacing is the use of special equipment, the polymer modified asphalt emulsion, appropriately graded aggregate, filler (cement, lime, fly ash, slag, etc.), water and additives, after a reasonable proportion mix was stirred to form a uniform slurry mixture, and paving on the road quickly and evenly, lamellar structures open traffic within 1 to 2 hours after paving.

Fiber Micro-Surfacing Construction Technology

5312TFC intelligent fiber slurry paver is to polymer modified asphalt emulsion, clean crushed aggregate, mineral fillers, fibers, water and necessary additives , by a certain percentage to mix to slurry mixture , paving with a high slip resistance and durability of the thin layer structure and can open traffic soon.Its different from Micro-surfacing construction technology is  grading (gap grading) and fiber to add.

Fiber in asphalt mixture of asphalt can effectively improve the gel structure to form a three-dimensional dispersion form, play a reinforcement effect, and make asphalt, slag, etc. in the asphalt mixture is uniformly dispersed, can effectively prevent the micelles and oil spillage. The advantage is to improve the road surface friction resistance, durability and resistance to fatigue, has a good absorption capacity, resistance to deformation, super waterproof, can effectively prevent cracks in the road surface reflection, greatly extend the pavement life. Adding fiber micro-surfacing pavement life can increase about 30%, about 50% reduction in the amount of rutting.



Product Name Fiber Slurry Paver Fiber Slurry Paver  Slurry Paver  Slurry Paver
Product Model HD5312TFCSF HD5311TFCSF HD5319TFC HD5254TFC
Emission Standard Euro V Euro V Euro V Euro V
Chassis Model ShacmanX3000/SX1310XB6 ShacmanX3000/SX1310XB6 Sinotruck/ZZ1317N Sinotruck/ZZ1257N
Chassis Engine Power 276KW/375hp 276KW/375hp 228KW/310hp 228KW/310hp
Auxiliary Engine Power 119KW/160hp 119KW/160hp 119KW/160hp 73.6KW/100hp
Fiber Tank Addictive Amount 3.5kg/min 3.5kg/min / /
Fiber Tank Capacity 0.2m3 0.2m3 / /
Mixer Discharging Volume ≤3.5t/min ≤3.5t/min ≤3.5t/min ≤3.5t/min
Spreader Box Width 2.5-4.3m 2.5-4.3m 2.5-4.3m 2.5-4.3m
Aggregates Hopper Volume 12m3 12m3 12m3 10m3
Emulsion Tank Volume  4m3 4m3 4m3 3.7m3
Water Tank Volume 4m3 4m3 4m3 3.7m3
Additive Tank Volume 400L 400L 400L 400L
Filler Tank Volume 2×0.5m3 2×0.4m3 2×0.5m3 2×0.5m3
Total Weight 31000kg 31000kg 31000kg 25000kg
Dimensions 11820×2496×3340mm 11820×2496×3490mm 11690×2500×3300mm 10450×2500×3500mm


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