Mechanical motor grader is the main machinery used for shaping and leveling work in earthwork engineering.It is widely used for large-scale ground leveling operations such as highways and airports.Working device with external ring gear,greater transmission torque,larger blade cutting angle,so that the machine has better material control ability, with the largest traction in similar models in the country.The machine is suitable for large-scale ground leveling, trenching,scraping,bulldozing,ripping,land reclamation,snow removal and so on,is the ideal equipment for large building construction, water conservancy construction, farmland improvement.

1.Cummins engine, reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving.

2.The overall plate welding box structure, high strength.

3.Easy to operate, strong external shock resistance, suitable for working conditions with large workload and bad working environment.  

4. With full hydraulic front wheel steering, small turning radius, flexible.

5.The cab is connected with the main frame by a shock absorber to ensure the safety and reliability of the working process.

6.Maintenance free high performance battery, placed in the back of the device, with a larger battery life.


Model SG14 SG16
Length × width × height (mm) 9130×2600×3400 8726×2600×3400
Working weight (t) 11.6 15.4
Engine model 6BTAA5.9-C180 SC8D190.1G2 6BTAA5.9-C160
Rated Power (kW/rpm)   132(180HP)/2200 140(190HP)/2300 118(160HP)/2200
Speed (km/h) 5.4~39.7 5.4~39.6
 Minimum turning radius (mm) 7800 7800
Blade size (mm) 3660/635 3660/635
Rated working pressure (MPa) 16 16


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