LG15 continuous modified asphalt production plant is a high-automatic continuous modified asphalt equipment, developed and produced by our company based on market demand, combined with many years of experience in modified asphalt production,and introducing the advanced  production technology in Europe and America.

It adopts integral frame structure and modular design, which realizes functional modularization and structural modularity , convenient assembly and convenient transportation. The continuous production mode meets the production requirements of centralized, high-strength and intensive construction sites to the greatest extent. The advanced "one-time over-grinding" process and the world's leading modified asphalt production technology ensure the quality stability and reliability of the products, and won the recognition of the majority of highway construction users and asphalt production units.

It includes the following units:  matrix asphalt metering and conveying unit, modifier adding and conveying unit, material premixing unit, mixture conveying unit, heat exchanging unit, colloid mill unit, control unit, etc. Compact structure, easy installation, transfer and transportation.

Colloidal mill

LG15 modified asphalt colloid mill is suitable for shearing and grinding a certain amount of polymer modifier. The mill combines the function of “shearing” of shearing machine with the function of “grinding” of colloid mill, which can produce high quality of the polymer modified asphalt, and has the advantages of high work efficiency, high reliability, intuitive display, easy operation and maintenance.

1.It adopts advanced one-time over-grinding process with four significant advantages:

2.Installation costs reduce.   All equipment such as pipelines, valves, etc. are less than the recycling process

3. Reduce energy consumption   Premixed tanks are smaller and  energy consumption will reduce.

4.Maintenance costs reduce  Due to asphalt blockage and agglomeration,the required  maintenance for pre-mixed tanks has reduced.

5.Flexible adjustment of output    It is easy to adjust the output without being limited by the volume of the premix tank.

6.Using a 90 kW power motor, it can meet the production of SBS modified asphalt with a polymer content of up to 6%.

7.Grinding disc clearance can be adjusted by handwheel, factory clearance setting ensures asphalt is ground and homogenized under optimal conditions.

The grinding disc material is made of high wear-resistant tool steel, which has strong wear resistance and long service life.

The mill is heated by heat-conducting oil and has a closed-type heat preservation device.

8.The working principle of the colloid mill: The core component of the mill consists of a stator and a rotor disc. During operation, under the high-speed operation of the rotor disc, the modifier will pass through the multi-stage grinding surface of the stator disc and the rotor disc in the grinding chamber. High-strength shearing and grinding between the tooth and the tooth groove, and refining and homogenizing step by step in the high-speed stirring, rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding five-stage grinding, and then moving the disc It is driven out from the discharge port by centrifugal force, and the matrix asphalt and the polymer asphalt modifier can be uniformly refined and dispersed after one pass of shear milling.

9.The design of the moving and flat-plate flat teeth of the colloid mill is not only simple in processing, safe in use, high in running accuracy, and high in flow rate. When the polymer is subjected to extrusion shearing, the electrical energy-mechanical energy-heat energy is all completed in the same mill, which saves energy, reduces energy consumption, and achieves energy saving.

 Matrix asphalt pump

For LG15 modified asphalt plant, matrix asphalt transportation adopts Zhejiang Shanggui Pump Industry three-screw asphalt heat preservation pump, which runs

smoothly. The pump body is equipped with heat-conducting oil heating shell, which is beneficial to the pumping of viscous additives.

Techinal Parameter

High viscosity insulated three-screw pump with safety valve.

Heat jacket for heating oil .

24 m³/hMaximum flow rate 24 m3/h.

Three-phase AC motor drive with an output of 7.5 kW.

The frequency converter controls motor speed, soft start and stop.        

Advantages of the three-screw asphalt insulation pump:

The crucible structure is simple, small in size, and allows high speed and stability.

The pressure pulsation is relatively small, the flow is stable, the noise is low, and the efficiency is high.

Insulation jacket for conveying viscous media.

 Asphalt flowmeter

The LG15 modified asphalt plant is metered by the domestic famous brand Hefei Jingda's spiral rotor flowmeter. The flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter. because it

uses a pair of special toothed spiral rotors, it has no pulsation and low noise, high precision, high reliability, large flow, and strong environmental adaptability. It is widely

used in commercial trade measurement and engineering management control in petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics, docks and other departments. The metering

precision is high, and the flow meter housing is equipped with a heating sleeve, which is beneficial to the measurement of the viscous additive.

Technical parameters:

Hefei large spiral rotor flowmeter.

Mechanical counters and computer control systems use electronic signals for output.

Maximum capacity is 35 m3/h.

Measurement accuracy: The full range is higher than ±0.5%.

Advantages of spiral rotor flowmeter:

The helix rotor rotates at the same speed in the metering chamber, and the flow rate is equal.

Smooth operation and low noise.

The flow rate is large and the pressure loss is small.

The spiral rotor has a small pulsation of the constant velocity rotary fluid.

The pulse is stable and accurate.

A variety of counters, governors and external fines can be configured.

SBS modifier delivery system

The SBS polymer modifier addition system of LG15 modified asphalt plant adopts frequency conversion spiral conveying, and the whole system is loaded quickly and

smoothly, and the conveying is stable.





Technical parameters:

SBS polymer modifier feeding hopper: bucket capacity is 1.2m3.

The anti-mesh screen and the strong magnetic adsorption grille prevent the bulk material and metal foreign matter from entering the mixing tank.

Conveying screw: variable frequency speed regulation to adjust the conveying amount.

It can realize the variable frequency regulation supply of SBS polymer modifier, and the formula is flexible and changeable.




LG15 continuous modified asphalt production plant technical parameter table
Name Project Parameter Remark

Productivity 15 t/h SBS 4.5%/H
Total Power ≤130kW
Overall Dimensions 12000mm×2400mm×2800mm L×W×H
Structure Frame Style  Modular Design
Measuring Matrix Asphalt Frequency Conversion Surge Pump+flowmeter Control accuracy ±0.5%
SBS Frequency Conversion Screw Control accuracy ±0.5%
Manual/automatic Triple screw insulated heat pump

Unit assembly
Main Units Matrix asphalt pump 24 m3/h
Asphalt flow meter 035 m3/h Spiral rotor flowmeter
heat exchanger 100 m2 spiral plate heat exchanger
Modifier conveying screw 15 m³/h WAM Pipe type screw conveyor, frequency conversion adjustment
Agitator Axial flow agitator  Strong dispersion, stirring
mixture transfer pump 24 m3/h Triple screw insulated heat pump
Colloid mill 15 t/h High speed shear, grinding colloid mill
air compressor 1.05 m3/min Equipped with air source treatment triad
electronic control system Modular Design for PLC Program Manual/automatic mode, touch screen operation


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