Main components include:

There are two parts in unit, upper part is calling Heating Chamber and lower part is storage tank for melt bitumen. Heating chamber and storage tank is fully insulated with 75mm rock wool.

Use of hot oil heating coils to indirectly heat up asphalt which can prevent asphalt quality from aging during heating. Seamless tubes are used for heating unit which are 2.9 mm thick and tested at 2000 psi.


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1.Hot oil heater with heat transfer coils that contain and carry hot oil 2.from the boiler unit to the asphalt melting equipment for heating.

3.Fuel tank that provide fuel to the burner of thermic oil heater.

4.Asphalt pump for pumping bitumen to the awaiting tanks.

5.Control panel unit. 


1. The drums loading operation is made by a hydraulic lifting system. The empty drums are pushed out on the back side.

2. The heating required to melt the bitumen is provided by heat conducting oil. 



3.The Equipment consist of upper and lower two rooms, The upper one for melting the Bitumen barrels, Surrounded by evenly distributed heating finned tubes, heating pipes and asphalt barrel mainly using the thermal radiation heating mode to melt the Bitumen from the barrels. The lower room is mainly for increase the heating temperature of the bitumen that melted from the barrels till reach to (120 ℃), then Bitumen outlet pump will transfer the bitumen outside to be ready for use, if extend the heating time can be obtained a higher temperature to (160 ℃).
4. Easy to put the barrels inside the equipment without any platforms with high efficiency.
5- No need for trolley or any wrench to carry the barrel inside the plant.
6. Simple structure, no cabinet door, easy to maintain

7. Simple operation, without exhaust gas and changed with induced draft fan.
8. Environmental protection and good: enclosed structure, no pollution.

9. Facilitate the relocation: container structure, assembled quickly.


Ser. System Name Parameter Remark
General Parameter Decanter Dimension
Gross Weight(T) 9
Productivity(TPH) 4~6
Drums 2×12
Storage Bitumenm3 14
Bitumen Temperature() 110-130
Bitumen pump YCB-257.5 Kw CHINA
Hydraulic Cylinder HSGL01 CHINA
Hydraulic Station 14926-ZJMT-01-01 CHINA
Heating System Boiler Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 4000×2200×2500
Heat power required (Kcal) 30 x 103 Kcal
Control System Control component Schneider Component France
Power System General power(Kw) < 20


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