Tower-type dry mortar mixing plant adopts storage tank on the home, followed by measurement, mixing, bulk and so on. The equipment adopts the top-down, multilayer, tower type layout. The material is lifted to the silo at once, and then flows by their own gravity. The energy consumption is relatively low,the occupation area is small, the cross contamination of raw materials is small.It is suitable for ordinary mortar and some special mortar production.


1.Unique bulk discharge and dust separation control, so that the dust effect is better, the industry optimization.

2.Independent research and development of dual computer synchronization production management and control system, never stop, fault warning patent, security, reliable, report summary summary query function, cloud data can be checked.

3.Real-time, fast, remote monitoring, cloud data collection and diagnosis services.

4.The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, low energy consumption, high speed, less intermediate equipment, easy cleaning and no dust.

5.Simple operation, high production efficiency, reasonable power preparation.


Model FBT1200 FBT2000 FBT3000 FBT4500 FBT6000
Theoretical productivity(t/h) 10~20 20~40 40~60 60~80 80~120
Host Model FJD1200 FJD2000 FJD3000 FJD4500 FJD6000
Host power(kW) 30 37 55 75 110
Host high speed side Two-pole motor(7.5kW)Four-pole motor(5.5kW)(optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW) (optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)Four-pole motor(5.5kW) (optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW) (optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW) (optional)
Host volume rate 70% 70% 70% 70% 70%
Aggregate size (mm) 0~4.75 0~4.75 0~4.75 0~4.75 0~4.75
Sand scale(kg) (200~1300)±1% (200~2000)±1% (400~3000)±1% (400~3800)±1% (500-5800)±1%
Cement scale(kg) (100~700)±1% (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (200~1800)±1% (200~2000)±1%
Additive scale(kg) (5~30)±0.5% (10~50)±0.5% (10~200)±0.5% (10~200)±0.5% (10~200)±0.5%


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