Putty powder mortar complete sets of equipment host without gravity mixer, the machine is dissolved in the generation of new models based on the technical essence of R & D and system, with automatic feeding, pneumatic discharge material,barrel wall without plot,no dead ends. According to the standard factory form,the putty powder dry mortar mixing plant adopts compact structure,flexible equipment layout,steel structure less,all the raw material storage bin and a mixing device placed inside of the building,low investment costs,short investment period,suitable for special dry mortar products.Insulation dry mortar mixing plant, through the deployment of different proportions of raw materials can produce wall putty, external walls putty.

1.The machine adopts the cylinder low speed rolling operation, thus avoids the destruction of the glass beads in the production process;

2.The main use of the host board to make the material evenly mixed, mixing time is short, high yield;

3.Large mixing storage capacity, mixed without dead ends, no residue;

4.Seal good, small dust, simple operation, easy maintenance;

5.Investment is moderate, construction period is short, investment is quick;

6.The production line adopts on-line centralized dust removal and single point of scattered dust removal, so as to minimize the emission of dust and reduce the pollution to the environment.


Model FBC600 FBC1200 FBC2000 FBC3000
Theoretical productivity(t/h) 5~10 10~20 20~40 40~60
Host Model FJD600 FJD1200 FJD2000 FJD3000
Host power(kW) 15 30 37 55
Host high speed side Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW)(optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW)(optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW)(optional) Two-pole motor(7.5kW)、Four-pole motor(5.5kW)(optional)
Host volume rate 70% 70% 70% 70%
Aggregate size (mm) 0~1.18 0~1.18 0~1.18 0~1.18
Sand scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1%
Cement scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1%
Additive scale(kg) (100~800)±1% (200~1300)±1% (300~2200)±1% (400~3800)±1%


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