HDXL3515 asphalt rubber plant is a type of special equipment to produce asphalt rubber. It is capable to produce asphalt rubber stably, successively and efficiently. The finished asphalt rubber is featured by high-temperature stability, low-temperature flexibility, properties of aging resistance, endurance resistance and water resistance. Therefore, asphalt rubber is widely applied in express highway construction.

This equipment is mainly consisted of rubber powder conveying device, heating system, fast heating-up device of matrix asphalt, asphalt metering pumping system, high speed shearing and mixing device, mixtures reaction device and automatic control system.




Technological Process: The rubber power is feeded into the rubber powder bin and scattered by the crashing device at the bottom of bin; then rubber power is delivered by spiral conveyor to continuous mixing and high-speed cutting device of rubber power and matrix asphalt. Synchronously, matrix asphalt is pumped out of tank, then through the filter (optional device) in front of asphalt pump and delivered into matrix asphalt heating-up device; heat transports from heat oil of high temperature in heat exchanger to matrix asphalt, which makes matrix asphalt temperature increase to the specified numbers in very short time. Next, the high-temperature matrix asphalt also goes into the continuous mixing and high-speed cutting device for mixing and cutting evenly to form mixtures with rubber powder; after mixing, the mixture is pumped into reaction kettle which is equipped with forceful stirring device, heating device and heat oil pipeline thermal isolation system for 45-60 minutes reaction until the viscosity and other properties of finished asphalt rubber meeting the required specification. Finally, finished asphalt rubber will be pumped out of kettle to mixing plant for application or asphalt tank for storage.


rubber bitumen1  rubber

Equipment Dimensions

1Asphalt rubber reaction kettle: L×W×H =10700×2500×2900 (mm),

2Heat oil furnace: L×W×H=6800×2500×2800 (mm)

3Feed, pre-mixing and fast heating-up device: L×W×H= 5600×2500×2600 (mm)

4Control room: L×W×H=3000×2500×2600 (mm),

5) Rubber & Asphalt Mixer: L×W×H=2200×2500×2600 (mm)



Model HDXL3515
Productivity 10~15 t/h
Total Installed Power 120 Kw
Fast Heating-up Device Heating capacity 12104 kcal
Heat exchange area 2×32 M2
Heat exchange coefficient 50 (20t/h)
Measuring Precision ≤0.5 %
Rubber Powder Feeding System Measuring precision ≤0.5 %
Capacity of helical feeder 10 m3/h
Matrix Asphalt System Max. flow rate 1300  L/min
Rubber Powder & Asphalt Mixer Mixer rotary speed 2900 rpm
Mixer power 11 kw
Reaction Kettle Heating power of burner  2×20×10 kcal
Kettle capacity 2×17.5 m3
Max. capacity of asphalt rubber pump 40 m3/h
Mixing speed 198 rpm
Mixing power 2×11 kw


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