ELB1500 asphalt mixing plant is a new type of stationary asphalt mixing plant with the most advanced technology developed by Handa, all parts of the mixing plant used in the form of international standard container structure, the container structure made up of precise matching parts selection and professional assembly, to reduce transportation costs for the user, to ensure the correct high capacity, light-day routine maintenance. All containerized packages are ISO certified, the plant installation and relocation will be simpler and faster. It is suitable for construction of bridges, highways and airports.

1. It adopts modular structure, fast to transport, rapid to transit.

2. Easy installation and disassembly, greatly saving installation and commissioning time.

3. It adopts container type equipment parts, reduce transportation costs.

4. Steel base design, no need for basic installation, reduce the cover area, the bottom surface of the container can ensure a solid foundation on the compacted soil.

5. All parts are installed in solid containers, rain and snow, wind and sand tight design extends its service life, reduce maintenance costs.

6. Closed containerized design greatly reduces noise and dust pollution, and minimizes heat loss in the mixing process, energy saving and environmental protection. 



 Cold Aggregate Feeding System

The belt feeder use frequency conversion speed control, speed adjust rang is wide, high working efficiency.

The conveyor belt use circular belt without joint, steady running and long performance life.

At the input port of feeding belt conveyor, there is one simple screen can avoid big material input which can enhance hot efficiency and make sure the drying drum, hot aggregate elevator and vibration screen work reliability.

 Drying System   

The blade geometry of the dryer has been optimized to deliver an exceptionally efficient drying and heating process with reduced energy consumption,improve heating efficiency 30% than conventional design; Because of High heating efficiency, drum surface temperature is relatively low, so the cooling time after operation is considerably shorted.

Fully insulated and clad aggregate dryer. Drive by electric motors and gear unit through polymer friction drive support rollers.

Diesel, heavy oil, gas, coal or multi-fuel burners.

 Burning system

Coal burner and oil burner are available, coal burner with low product cost, is only 1/3 of oil burner, is the ideal choice for customer. The oil burner can use heavy and light oil, has no need to change any component, the consumption is less than 6.5kg/t(finished product) under standard condition.

Adopt international standard components, with low maintenance cost.

 Vibrating screen

Improved vibration and amplitude to optimize impact on the available screen.

Wear-resistant charging system with uniform distribution of the particle mix.

Wide open doors for easy access and screen meshes are simple to replace, so the down time is reduced.

 Mixing system

Mixer are designed by 3D mixing design, with long arms, shortened shaft diameter and a bi-directional mixing blades array.

The discharging process has been completely redesigned, the discharge time is minimal.

The distance between blades and bottom of the mixer is also restrained to the optimal minimum.

 Dust Collecting System  

Gravity primary dust collector collecting and recycling bigger fine, saving consumption.

Bag house secondary dust filter control emission be lower than 20mg/Nm3, eco-friendly.

Adopt high voltage pulse cleaning technology, contributing to a lower bag wearing, longer lifespan and better dust removal performance.

 Bitumen supply system

Bitumen tank is sturdy and durable. Different sizes and capacity of bitumen tank can be provided according to the customers requirements. The bitumen tank is covered by rock wool insulation layer and galvanized sheet, which maximally decrease the heat loss.

Bitumen tank is heated by the heat conduction oil, which make sure the temperature of the bitumen.

 Control system

Adopt Germany SIEMENS electrical element, working stably even in harsh working environment.

Containerized control room, with heat insulation and sound insulation layer.


asphalt plant      asplalt mixing plant






Model ELB1500
Main Parameters Capacity(t/h) 120
Total Power(kw) 326
Noise(dB) ≤70
Voltage 220V/380V-50HZ(Adjustable)
Cold Feeder Cold Bin() 4*8
Belt Feeding Capacity(t/h) 130
Belt Width(mm) 600
Feeding Belt Adjustment Mode Frequency Invertor
Drying System Drying Capacity(t/h) 130
Dryer Drum Size(mm) Φ1800*8000
Drive Motor Power(kw) 4*11
Fuel Diesel, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Coal, Nature Gas
Coal Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 1700
Oil Burner Max Burning Amount(kg/h) 170-850
Power(kw) 1900-9500
Dust Collecting System Primary Gravity Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collector, Volute Casing Collector
Baghouse Dust Collector Filter Area() 450
Filter Bag NOMEX (USA. DuPont)
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Air Black Ringelmann
Blower(m³/min) 740
Mixing Tower Hot Aggregate Elevator Type Chain Elevating
Capacity(t/h) 130
Vibrating Screen Screening Decks 4
Screening Area( ) 24.2
Hot Storage Bin Quantity 4+1
Capacity( ) 28.5
Mixer Mixer Capacity(kg) 1500
Type Double Axis Forcing Stirring Batch Mixer
Mixing Period(s) 45
Mixing Power(kw) 2*22
Weighing System
Bitumen Supply System Heating Type Electric Heating/Hot Oil Heating System
Bitumen Pump Screw Pump Injection Type
Discharge Amount of Bitumen(L/min) 500
Bitumen Tank( ) 2*30
Fuel Tank Optional
Filler Supply System Filler Tank Optional
Screw conveyor Capacity(t/h) 20
Hot Mix Storage Silo Bottom Placed/Side Placed 40t/60t/80t, Optional
Pneumatic System Air Compressor Screw Air Compressor
Air Storage Tank 600L---2000L Optional
Control System Fully Automatic Computer Control(IPC+PLC+Monitor+Laser Printer+Air Conditioner)



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