Truck-mounted concrete pump is a new product with the integration of aesthetic thinking, the overall shape of a full range of creative design after the cooperation of  our company and the international well-known companies. It organically combines concrete pumping mechanism with high quality chassis,without transport, loading and unloading,installation and fixation,the introduction of popular European design concept, beautiful appearance, highly user-friendly. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient maintenance, flexible and convenient transport and so on.


1. The chassis is mature and reliable, strong power, good performance, good economy.

2. Oil pumps, valves and other hydraulic system components adopt Germany Rexroth products, strong stability, reasonable layout,easy operation and maintenance.

3. The engine performance is stable and reliable, fuel economy is good.  

4. Large diameter conveyor cylinder, good material suction, pumping large displacement.

5. Stirring can turn forward, you can release the phenomenon of aggregate stuck in time.

6. The main electrical components adopt Schneider and other well-known brands,with a variety of automatic protection function, making the system more compact, the adjustment more convenient, work more reliable.


Model HBC50-13-55 HBC50-13-56D
Chassis Wuzheng/ Anyautos Wuzheng/ Anyautos
Emission standard Country IV Country IV
Wheelbase (mm) 3660 3660
Maximum travel speed (Km/h) 60 60
Diesel engine (motor) power (KW) 55 56
  Drive mode Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive
 Cylinder bore * Stroke (mm) Ф125×Ф80×1200 Ф125×Ф80×1200
Conveying bore * Stroke (mm) Ф200×1200 Ф200×1200
High and low voltage switching Automatic switching Automatic switching
Fuel tank volume (L) 180 180
Hydraulic tank volume (L)   200 200
Hydraulic cooling mode Air cooling Air cooling
Concrete theoretical displacement (m³/h) 50 50
Maximum delivery pressure (Mpa) 13 13
Theoretical horizontal distance (m) 450 450
 Theoretical vertical height (m) 130 130
Collapsbillity(cm) 823 823
Maximum aggregate size (mm) Crushed Stone: 40 / Pebble: 50 Crushed Stone: 40 / Pebble: 50
Water tank capacity (L) 180 180
Lubrication mode Automatic lubrication Automatic lubrication
Full length × total width × total height (mm) 7200×2100×2250 7200×2100×2250
Full load mass (Kg) 6500 6500


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